The StoryCode Project Logo

For the creation of the StoryCode logo, after the initial meeting of the project consortium partners in October 2023, it was agreed to organize a graphic design competition at the artistic high school of the Scuola Ladina di Fassa (Italy), the promoter of the Erasmus+ StoryCode project.

After two months of work, the finalist students of the competition were Denyse Marchesin and Elisa Bailoni. Finally, in January 2024, the StoryCode project partners gathered and voted Denyse Marchesin's logo as the winner of the competition.

The idea

The StoryCode Project focuses on the use of digital storytelling in education. This means possessing and/or acquiring certain skills and knowledge related to traditional writing and storytelling methods, alongside creative abilities, technological and media production skills, and project development capabilities. Digital storytelling can serve as a moment of learning aimed at technological literacy, developing synthesis skills, and stimulating more creative and engaging research and organizational methodologies than traditional methods.

For the project logo, it was thought to create a logo composed of the two words that make up the project's name, namely Story and Code, interpreted using two different styles. The word Story was represented with a continuous, sinuous line, typical of "handwriting," to represent traditional writing methods, while for the word Code, symbols of digital programming were used with a typically linear appearance. The colors used also reflect this concept of contrast, with orange, the color of creativity and energy, expressing a message of positivity, and blue conveying peace and tranquility, promoting the flow of energy.

These two worlds touch and complement each other, creating a balanced and harmonious whole.

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