Learning Teaching Training Activities in Trento

This morning at Palazzo dell'Istruzione in Trento the training activity (LTTA) of the StoryCode Project started.
The Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) involves teachers and educators from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Lithuania for two days, 4-5 April 2024.

After an initial activation aimed to listening, presence and sensitivity, the participants first divided into groups to design a game with a narrative background and continued the training day with its realisation.
The training aimed not only to cover the technical aspects of the I-Code tool, but also its possible uses through practical and engaging experiences conducted by the trainers, Federico Albiero and Andrea Maggioni.

The two-day training is an important step for the project and an opportunity to meet face-to-face between partners and with the educational staff involved in order to connect in the network that the European StoryCode project is creating.

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