Narrative coding in preschool and primary school, Workshop in Madrid, April 10th, 2024.

The workshop "Narrative Coding in Preschool and Primary School" aims to introduce teachers and educators from preschool and primary schools to the Erasmus+ project STORYCODE, its experimental and research-based approach, as well as its experience with free online training on Collaborative Narrative Coding practices in the classroom.

Narrative coding is a learning methodology that combines storytelling and programming practices in the classroom to foster computational thinking in children, proposing the creation of collaborative projects with personal meaning. Storytelling and programming can support each other, making digital coding accessible from the early stages of formal education.

The first part will include the opening of the workshop and a keynote speech on storytelling, collaboration, and computational thinking.

In the second part, there will be a presentation of the European project STORYCODE and the training course for teachers. Finally, practical examples of narrative coding will be presented using two digital tools: Scratch Junior and i-Code.


4:30 PM Attendee Registration

5:00 PM Opening

  • Joaquín Bardón. Pedagogical Director of the Francisco Coll Educational Foundation.
  • Oscar García López. Director of the School of Doctorate and Research at the European University.

5:15 PM Collaboration, Narrative Thinking, and Computational Thinking in Preschool and Primary School.

  • Giuseppe Iandolo. Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology and Education at the European University of Madrid.

5:30 PM The Erasmus+ STORYCODE Project

  • Alejandro Rodriguez. Teacher at Santa Catalina de Sena School.

5:45 PM The STORYCODE Teacher Training Course

  • Angela Tardivo. Research Psychologist of the STORYCODE project at the European University of Madrid.

6:00 PM Examples of Narrative Coding

  • Santa Catalina de Sena School 6:15 PM Questions and Answers

6:30 PM Closing

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